Counselling can help us to tune into things that we are consciously and unconsciously experiencing, both within ourselves and our environments. We may feel a little - or a lot -  unlike ourselves, perhaps are experiencing significant change in our life, are struggling with the uncertainty of the future or letting go of the past, or having difficulty managing uncomfortable thoughts or emotions. These are a few of many reasons why some people seek support in a therapist. 

I work from an approach that takes first and foremost the relationship and safety we build together in our sessions into consideration. It is so important to me that you feel you are heard, listened to, understood, and validated for your experiences. From here, we learn to navigate the intensity of your past, present, and worries of future experiences and how they are currently manifesting in your life in a collaborative way.

I use a range of different therapeutic approaches in working with you because I truly believe that each and every person has a unique experience, and not everyone will best fit one form of intervention. With this in mind, we learn together the best approach that works for you which, might even mean an integration of a few together. 

Beginning therapy can be a scary and uncomfortable thing. Please, above all else in making your decision on if therapy is the right thing for you, remember that I am also human too. I bring myself and my experiences into our sessions together (when appropriate of course!) and hope that by being myself, you feel more comfortable in being vulnerable with me too.