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What to expect...

The Process


Choosing a therapist should be a process for you. You are investing your time and money into your healing and you want to make sure you find someone who you jive with to support you on this journey. 


I suggest that you read profiles on Psychology Today, visit websites, and ask for a brief phone consultation. The phone consultation is free and an important opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have for the therapist, get information about who they are, and what they can support you with.


After the phone consultation, you book your initial appointment with your therapist. In our first appointment together, we discuss what brings you to therapy, your history, and what your goals might be. From there, we discuss what type of therapy might be beneficial for us to use together in your healing and what the future sessions might look like.


Our subsequent sessions are booked one to two weeks apart depending on our schedules and availability. Please note that I do not have evenings after 6:00 pm or weekend availability. 


For you:


I help people who are:

  • lost in unhelpful thinking that might just go on and on,

  • pregnant or have recently given birth,

  • not aware of or in control of their emotions,

  • use distractions in unhealthy ways,

  • are impacted by things that have happened in the past,

  • have trouble communicating or feeling “okay” in relationships (romantic or not),

  • have difficulty feeling like they are worthy of – ,

  • can’t seem to get organized or gain a sense of direction,

  • feel like an imposter

Think I might be a good fit for you and interested in chatting more? Click below to send me an email and book that free consultation! 


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