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Types of Therapy

While I do practice a number of different therapies, I do not use one single type of therapy in our sessions. I use more of an integrated approach which means we incorporate a number of different strategies and theories into our work together. Some of the more popular therapeutic modalities are listed below, but I also practice things like IFS, EFT (emotion focused therapy), Somatic, Psychodynamic, among others. If you have any questions about these, or my therapeutic style, please ask in our phone consultation! 

I am passionate about working with people who are pregnant or postpartum, who struggle with anxiety, have low self-worth, are feeling stuck in their lives, having relationship challenges (familiar, professional, or romantic), or are trying to move through past trauma. 


This therapy may be helpful for you to let go of the trauma and negative belief(s) you’ve associated with yourself as a result of negative experience(s), and feel more free and hopeful about yourself in the present and about the future.


For more information on EMDR and what a session might look like, please visit this link:

Blue Eyes

This therapy allows us to gain different perspectives by looking at opinions we have and challenging them with facts that we sometimes have a hard time seeing on our own. It often involves tasks for you to complete outside of the therapy room.

Cute Notebooks

This Therapy helps those who are struggling with intense emotions that often lead to struggles in our external world, including our relationships. This therapy helps us to learn how to manage these intense emotions as well as interpersonal conflict. This therapy also requires some work outside of the therapy room.

Beach at Sunset

This therapy is helpful for those who are feeling stuck in their lives and not really sure what direction they are moving in, are questioning what is important, or finding themselves at a loss of who they are. In this therapy, we take a look at your values and learn to incoroporate them into our everyday lives.

Holding Hands
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